The Criss Angel Experience

"Looking back at the circumstances, I would say that it was a most interesting day. I had something that I wanted to purchase at a store in Sherman Oaks. I sometimes talk to the store manager and ask questions about certain items that I have interest in. His name is Chris. I was getting ready to go to work when my inner voice kept nagging me to reverse my plans instead and to go to that store immediately because I needed to talk to Chris. "

"Before I go on, I must state that most of the time I work my own hours and am flexible enough to change my plans, however it is not typical of me to do so. I had no idea why I needed to see Chris so urgently, but the inner voice kept nagging me and nagging me until I finally went along with it. When I got there I had completely forgotten about looking for Chris because I had become somewhat distracted by the fact that there was an entire film crew, lights, camera, and action right there at the store location. A man walked up to me and asked me if I'd mind volunteering to be filmed. I declined. Then I walked into a different section of the store and was followed by another person. I was looking at the encased jewelry when this second person who was following me asked if I'd like to be on TV. Again I said, "no". Then a few minutes later Mr. Angel came up to me and in a very friendly and dynamic charismatic matter asked, "Hi! I'm Criss! Will you be on my TV show?" I was captured by his strong magnetic presence and optimism so I decided to help him out. At that time, I had completely forgotten about the inner voice that told me to go see Chris and I had no idea what the show was about. Before shooting, one of the film crew guys instructed me to choose a book out of the library and hand it to Criss. When Mr. Angel held it in his hands he asked "Why did you choose this book?" then immediately followed with "Do you have this book in your home?" Coincidentally, I did own the book. Later, he asked me to pick a number between 1 and 10 and hold it in my mind. He was able to read the number I had chosen as well." Then I was interviewed and they asked me if I was surprised. I was not surprised because I had expected him to succeed or else it wouldn't have been a very good TV show, still I don't know how he did it. I was truly amazed that I had picked up a voice calling me to go see Criss who I thought would be Chris the store manager, yet ended up being Criss Angel who invited me in on a guest appearance for his show. In all honesty I admit that this was not the first time I had ever encountered a supernatural experience. However, I most definitely acknowledge that Mr. Angel, is without a doubt a truly gifted and legitimate master of what he would term "mindfreak" and an exceptional metaphysician. Later I caught a glimpse of a different show where he appeared to be in a casino in Las Vegas and he explained to someone backstage that it was part illusion (like David Copperfield) and part real and that it was up to you to decipher the rest." yet that's another story in itself.