Media Review

Artist/producer St Claire surrounds herself with a monster band including bassist, Billy Sheehan, on her ambitious Tattooed Skin. It's a CD full of defiantly rocking... material that allows St Claire to liberally deploy her distinctive, feline yowl"...Music Connection

"She sounds like a cross between Marriott, Joplin, and Plant. She's got it".
...Patrick William Salvo, former manager for Steve Marriott

"She reminds me of a female Prince, highly erotic with a sexy, sexy voice. The music contains really cool funky rhythms...interesting lyrics...out there yet deep....her music compliments her style, She comes across well."
...Craig Chaquico

"She's a great producer." ...Ozzie Ahlers- keyboardist for Craig Chaquico Formerly with Van Morrison and The Jerry Garcia Band

"We're playing the hell out of her. Why hasn't she been signed yet?"
...Gary Simmons- Music Director KOOX 90.9 FM The X Oakland-Berkeley-San Francisco

Karen St Claire. recording artist...Listed in "Best New Review Series" TCI cablevision's Video Access Awards-Sidewalks Entertainment-KCRT TV

"I received a promo kit from LA Rock Recording Artist, Karen St Claire. I was completely blown away by the very talented music, singing, and production of her recordings. I was quite surprised to see that she has not been signed to a record label yet. She should be. Her music will absolutely go down in our history for "The Best Unsigned".
...Ed Penlin-Soundcheck Magazine

"The first notes of this artist's vibe caught me ear immediately. The woman's voice is strong and pure while sensual and throaty at other times. Her unique sound is the focal point of her recordings while paired with raw driven rock music. The artist's music is not yet available in record stores as she is currently seeking that special label to sign her."
...Stephen Bishop- Acalanes Blueprint

"I felt like I was in a theater watching a movie with surround sound while listening to Karen St Claire's 'Pink Noise'. The lyrics were the screenplay and the music set the fast pace adventurous environment. The recording is clean and crisp with great editing on the special sound effects. I vote a strong 10 for this CD."
...Tom Donahue-WFHB Bloomington, Indiana