I recently got a call from producer/engineer, Dave Waterbury of Waterbury Productions. He informed me that Vantage Records is putting out a compilation called “LA Music Scene” and invited me to appear on it. I decided to release my song “Angel of Illusion” into this promotion. This song was actually a very simple two person project. I wrote the music and lyrics, arranged it, played the piano, added the lead and background vocals, and Dave added all the other instruments as well as the orchestration and drum programming. Dave did all the tracking and mixing too. This particular version is an unreleased version as I was informed at the very last minute, that the DVD I submitted would not burn to CD and that he needed a copy of the audio NOW. I was in the middle of shooting a music video and was running out the door when I got the call. I didn’t have much time to find the final cut, so I submitted the pre-final cut which is almost the exact same audio. I think we tweaked it slightly on three lines of the song but the pre-cut version was fine with no sour notes or anything so I went ahead and submitted it for release. So if any of you rare find music collector’s out there are looking for a new special limited edition, make sure to get your hands on the new “LA Music Scene”.