I want to thank the staff at “Inn on Summer Hill” in Summerland, CA for their exceptional hospitality over the weekend. What a beautiful stay with lush tropical foliage and a staff to cater to my every whim! For any of you out there that sometimes need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles without going too far, this is a purr-fect little stop. I personally needed to regroup and prepare for this week ahead. This is where I wrote most of the “June Updates” page and did my personal planning. The rooms are magnificent with French doors leading to balconies with spectacular ocean views, cathedral ceilings, fine furnishings, a fireplace in every room, and a Jacuzzi tub. They offer free unlimited movie rentals and stereo systems in each room with built in speakers throughout the suite. They offer wine and cheese at 3 and then dessert and coffee at 8. The maid comes around 9 to turn down your down top feather bed and bring you chocolates. The next morning a gourmet chef is there to await you for breakfast. I’ve included a link to their website.