The Visit
© 2008-Karen St Claire

Watercolor Dreams
Danced Thru the Shadows
Pierced the Darkness of Night

Moved By His Presence
I Rise to Embrace
In Warm Emerald Light

His Eyes Were Like Diamonds
Of Laser Light Brilliance
His Heart Filled With Love

He Said. “No Need for Sorrow”
I’ll Protect You
I’ve Come From Above


Your Lantern of Wisdom Illuminates Me
Your Comforting Guidance Enlightens Me
Grasping Thru Shadows
Blinded by Sight
Blessed by Your Spirit
Awed by Your Light


Shine… Let it Shine
The First Time I Saw Your Face
Shine… Let it Shine
The First Time I Felt Your Embrace
Untie the Cord that Binds
Unveil the Cloak that Blinds
Embracing in the Emerald Light

I Am the Luminous Glow
Transcending the Veil
I Am the One Who Can See You
You Know Who I Am

Silently I Speak to You
In Ways You Comprehend
Lead Me to Your Door Step
Let Me In


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