Happy Spring!

In February, I attended the Grammy's and would like to congratulate 3 of my biggest musical influences (if any of you have ever read my FAQ page you will find that it somewhere states  my musical influences Vocals: Robert Plant, Producer: Frank Zappa, Performance: Peter Gabriel) Congratulations Robert Plant/Allison Krauss, Zappa plays Zappa, and Peter Gabriel for the well deserved awards.

This month I started writing new music and am contemplating a video to this song. I have completed 2 more fire dancing classes since the last fire dancing video including intermediate staff and fan fires. I did not realize that there were so many different styles of fire fans out there! The standard Gothic spider web fan was all I had ever seen. Wow what an array to choose from. I began studying photos and videos before making my final selection. Then I contacted the manufacturer and was invited to the warehouse where I tried them out in front of a mirror. I decided to go with the Lotus fans as they offered the most exotic look in my opinion. I also chose chrome over black so that they could reflect the lighting. As promised, that exotic Mediterranean fire dance is exquisitely in the making of my mind. I’ve found the costume in beautiful orange and pink flowing in silk, taffeta, and chiffon layers in beaded fabric. I wrote the music just last night and the vocal melody line and lyrics are now coming together as well. Stay tuned.

Next week I am attending the Conga Room to see yet another HUGE musical influence (again see my FAQ), Prince. As an artist myself, I generally write my own material, Occasionally something happens in my life that triggers a particular song that was already written by someone else. I had always fantasized about performing “The Beautiful Ones” as it is one of my favorite all time songs. Better watch what you ask for because I was given a reason to remake a video of this tune while singing and performing it in my own creative style. In my version it is a woman in love with a man and I may have changed a few words around a bit to stay soft and  feminine yet sexy and mysterious. Was it intense enough for you? I hope it left a lasting imprint on your memory. Anyhow, I have not put it up for public view as I have not obtained the mechanical rights. I have deep respect for Prince and would not overstep my boundaries with this truly remarkable artist and on that note I am grinning with delight as I look forward to this upcoming show.


For those of you who know my other side, last month I was at one of my advertising arts accounts, Midway Motors. I have painted their storefronts several time and just finished a Latin Jazz themed storefront for the Spring season. While I was in talking with the general sales manager, George, I was informed that the official Twilight car was on the lot over in the front corner. I asked George, “You mean the Volvo?” and he said, “Yeah it’s right there where I said.” How cool could that be? I was not aware of Twilight until I tried to get a U-Tube account using my registered trademark name “Vamplified”. Technically, I own the rights to this name for commerce in retail sales and rock band. Anyhow, this is when I discovered Twilight as someone was putting up the previews under the name Vamplified. ( I also noticed the name on Flicker, MySpace, and a few others These are not mine.) I’m sure it had nothing to do with the Twilight related businesses and staff. Probably some kid did it. A few months later the movie came out and I decided to check it out. I saw it on Thanksgiving Day. I found it to be a beautifully written supernatural love story in a natural setting. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. I find it interesting where life sometimes leads you. I was ready to take a vacation and wasn’t sure where to go. I usually go with a business venture in mind so it then becomes a tax write off. Last week an idea popped in my mind. “Why not take the Vamplified- Vampire Apothecary Line up to Washington and try some marketing to some of the Forks gift shops while traveling? So I decided my next vacation is Seattle bound with a stop in Forks and then through the rainforest and beaches. My itinerary arrangements are scheduled for April and then I will update with a brand new road trips page.


Speaking of the apothecary, as a wildcrafter I’ve finally established the "Witchdoctors Collection”.

Currently I have two powerful herbal tea products out.
Morning Blend: Stimulates the Pituitary Gland for Heightened Awareness and Anti-Aging
Evening Blend: Opens the Pineal Gland for Heightened Awareness and Anti-Aging.

The pituitary gland is the spiritual center of the brain. The pineal is the third eye where the impressions register on the mind. Together they work in harmony. These glands are also responsible for the biological clock, metabolism, and the aging process. I’ve added some of the most potent herbs available after extensive research. A few herbs worth mentioning are Coleus Forskolin (Cyclic AMP) for metabolism, Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) for the inhibition of bad eicasnoids which break down your body, Ginko Leaves (Ginko Biloba) to keep the arteries clean, Mugwort Herb (Artemisia Vulagaris) for heightened awareness, Organic Wormwood Herb (Artemisia Absinthium Ozarks) for heightened awareness, Damaina Leaves (Tumera Diffusa) a natural aphrodisiac and heightened awareness stimulant.

I've only mentioned a few as there are several more herbs added into these blends for those who demand nothing but the best. They sell for $17.50 each which is a standard 1 month supply.

OK that is it for now. Enjoy the bounty of Spring. Hope to see you soon!