Thought for the Day-

Coincidental Synchronicity: Natural Law
If it happens once it is a subtle hint
Twice, a knock on the door as in "Hello...Is there anyone home?"
Three times? It is God with a megaphone smacking you upside the head while blaring...
" It's Time to Wake Up Now!!!"

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce the arrival of my latest release entitled "Quicksand". This song was composed by myself on my Kawai. I then gave my scholarship recipient, Sean Rothmann, the opportunity to shine by adding his magic to the work. I allowed him to track the song, excluding the wild classical piano ending which I tracked myself.  All I asked was that he keep the overall composition intact along with my request to preserve the hauntingly beautiful vibe and execute the original diminished scale precicely into the tracking of the song. Then I came in and laid down the vocals to finish the song. Many thanks to producer/engineer Dave Waterbury for adding the orchestration, guitar, bass, and drum tracks.

During this month of March I've decided to pay tribute to yet another musical influence by mentioning the band "Ides of March". When I was a young kid, before the teenage years or even before the beginning adolescence stage, I used to hear a song on the radio all the time called "Vehicle".  Somehow, I felt intensely connected to that song without really understanding why.  I always felt a tingly sensation throughout my body when that particular song popped up on the radio.  Every time I heard it I was impressed with an older version of myself as a grown woman experiencing the picture that the lyricist had painted. Years later, a man pulling up in a black sedan came into my life. By the end of that evening I realized that he was the man inside song..

I was pleasantly surprised to run into my Clarksdale buddy and co-writer, Jimbo Mathus, at the Grammy's last month. Coincidentally, Jimbo was flown in to Los Angeles by his bandleader, Buddy Guy (Grammy nominee for the album "Blues Singer") to be there on his behalf. It was not a wasted trip as I am delighted to announce that they did indeed WIN Best Traditional Blues Album of the Year. We had planned to record this weekend in Clarksdale on the 19th and the 20th.  Instead,  I was blessed with another opportunity and that was to finish "Quicksand". Then I came to realize that "Quicksand" was the intended song set to meet fruition for this particular week.

What are the chances that Jimbo and I would unexpectedly meet here in Los Angeles instead of Clarksdale..... brought together in synchronicity on such an enormous victory??  It was a pleasure to be in his company on the day he was handed a Grammy on behalf of his work. Congratulations to Buddy Guy and James "Jimbo" Mathus as well all the others involved in the project.....May your deserved recognition and success continue.

Currently they are scheduled to appear at Proctor Theater Williams Production in Schenetady, New York on March 19th.

Then on Saturday March 20th they are scheduled at Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA.

For more info check the tour dates on Buddy Guy's Official website (

We plan to resume our recording project in Clarksdale a little later in the year.

This week, I also pay tribute to the late great Randy Rhoades. The careless plane crash in Leesburg, Florida of 1982 was quite a shock to the rock world. Although his physical death left a sadness in our hearts, his spirit remains continually entwined in our music which just goes to show "You Can't Kill Rock N' Roll"- from Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary of a Madman".  In most recent news (I'm sure you all know), Sharon Osbourne admits to having an affair with Randy. (No Comment)

Currently, I have a lot brewing so check back next month in April for my latest updates.