APRIL 2004

"I would like to thank photographer, James "Jim" Metropole of Metropole Photography for the wonderful photos that I posted on Valentine's Day. I met Jim through an actress friend from my church who wanted to shoot a demo video inside my home. She thought the office was the perfect setting for the scene. I allowed her to use my space as a courtesy. She hired Jim to do the shoot.

A few days later, I received a call from Jim. He had an independent film that he was working on and again wanted to use the office for about an hour to shoot a particular scene. I told him that I needed a photo shoot and maybe we could work something out in trade. Within a few weeks we had successfully managed to accomplish both missions and the photos were delivered on schedule to meet my deadline.

We are now putting together a story-board for the music video "Quicksand". No further details available as of yet.

For more info check out  Jim also has an aerospace photography and design web site as well,