Updates-March 2005

LA Music Scene 2005 came out in February and I finally posted the 2004 version as well.

I attended the Grammy's again this year and this time I've posted my ticket.. Also, I'm shooting a music video and there's a brand new road trip as well. Read more below...........

Album: L.A. Music Scene 2005  
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Vantage Records 2005 Compilation
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(c) Copyright 2004
St Claire / Rothmann - BMI

Album: L.A. Music Scene 2004  
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Vantage Records 2004 Compilation
Song titles sound clips  
This song also appears on the album
"Tattooed In Skin"

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Currently, I am shooting a video with Jim Metropole for the song Quicksand. We started filming last month and have done a little editing as well. It is coming along and we are scheduled to shoot again next week. I do not have a release date yet but it is expected to be out very soon.

 I just got back from Cabo San Lucas a few weeks ago. It has been raining on and off in LA for what now seems like eons.  We had heavy downpours that went on for days combined with just downright deary cold and nasty weather.  I was starting to feel waterlogged so I decided that I needed to get away. I was looking for someplace warm with lots of sunshine. I searched the internet from the Los Angeles West Coast to The Charleston, South Carolina East Coast and everywhere in between including Las Vegas, Texas. Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, Georgia, New Mexico, and Florida. Everywhere I searched showed rain and/or cold weather.

While I was searching, Cabo popped up on the internet. I checked the weather for that area and found partly sunny, high's mid 80's Low's mid 70's. Then I researched the plane fares and was  quite surprised to find that I could leave LA and be on a plane within 14 hours, nonstop with food, 2 complimentary drinks, and a movie (Catwoman...excellent) all for the low fare of $263.00 including tax and fees. This is it...I I booked it and was on my way.

My suite was magnificient. My room was under an exotic tropical palapa on the third floor rooftop. It had a tropical garden with exotic flowering trees which gave me plenty of privacy. At night I would lay there and feel warm tropical breeze brushing against my skin. The treetops from the trees on the first floor hung over my porch and in the morning I was awakened by several brightly colorful singing birds nestled among the branches. I had the entire top floor to myself.

There was a library right outside of my front door under yet another palapa. Lounge chairs and a couch with a coffee table were there for comfort and convenience. Next to the library were 2 long beach loungers and a small pool lined with gorgeous exotic plants. I spent most of my daytime either in my breezy room looking out at the scenery, lounging lazily in the library with a good read, or soaking up the sunshine. The only time I really left the top floor was when I got hungry.

There were two really good restaurants within a block of the inn, one a seafood restaurant with superb charbroiled blue crab, mouthwatering homemade corn chips, and ice cold Mexican beer.  The other dining spot, a mexican restaurant, offered good margaritas along with homemade mushroom and smoked salmon fondue. There was a small convenience store next to the inn. I had a small refrigerator in the room where I stored Perrier, ice and a few staples items. At night I went out and enjoyed a little nightlife. Nothing wild...just relaxing. The fisherman's wharf was a beautiful sight and I will post more when I get my photos back...although I didn't take too many because I was mainly there to relax

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to check back soon for more updates including the new music video which is just around the corner.

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