December 2003: Latest Updates

"Recipient of the 2004 Production Scholarship Award"

It is a pleasure to introduce the recipient of my 2004 Production Scholarship Sean Rothmann. Sean has gone beyond the call of duty working diligently behind the scenes on everything from web design, graphic design, computer tech support, personal assistance and errand running, creative input, and several other aspects to bring everything together. He is a team player who has proved to work well among others in the organization. He has donated his time and applied his knowledge to help us to the utmost degree. Sean is also a gifted musician and arranger. When I handed a tape of "Quicksand", (a beautiful haunting melodic piano ballad composed in a minor key and embellished with diminished scales)....that I had written on my Kawai and then added a vocal melody line to, I asked Sean to take it home, digest it, and see if he could elaborate. Once again he's proved nothing less then sheer genius and therefore I've decided to bring him into the new project as scholarship recipient 2004.

Other Current News:

I've posted the photo of my artwork from HBO's "Six Feet Under". The scene appears on the mysterious yet often misunderstood "number 13" (12+1) episode of the first season. Gypsy's, Tramps, and Thieves is playing in the background during it's appearance. Unlike the other two films where my artwork appears, I was not hired by HBO to do the set design. I was contracted by a Sherman Oaks market to paint the mural a few years back and was quite surprised to find that my work had appeared on the show. HBO has given me the courtesy to post the photo.

I recently got off the "Slasher" set with Animal House director, John Landis. I was hired to do more industry artwork once again. I've posted a photo of us standing next to my work on the "Industry Artwork" page. I have another photo coming soon with John and producer Chris Kobin, however I haven't developed that roll yet.

I just got back from Clarksdale and recorded with platinum artist, Jimbo Mathus, of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. We had a blast! Check out the ALL NEW Road Trips section for more.

I appear somewhere on the new television series "The Handler" as a patron at an upscale bar.

On the FAQ page: I've added "Purple Rain" (how could I have forgotten that one?) and "School of Rock" (a brand new one) to my movie favorites.

I've made a correction referring to the place in New Orleans where I've voted as having the best Mint Juleps in the World. It is called Maison Bourbon's Preservation of Jazz.....THEN ... eventually... I finally get around the corner to Preservation Hall ...a legendary place that has great music but does not serve drinks. 

I've added a new topic of discussion on the Producer's Corner link. This month I have covered one of my most frequently asked questions. However, you will not find this subject located on the FAQ page. I've covered a lot more ground than usual and decided that it needed it's own dedicated space on the Producer's Corner.

An artist contact link is now up. Check it out!

LA Music Scene 2004 is right around the corner and we've once again landed a spot on the compilation.

Studio updates: We are currently under construction. Updating Cubase "VST" to Cubase "SX". New monster computer on the way.

New Photos Posted here and there